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MVP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who performs equipment repairs under the Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) extended service programs?
    • While you can achieve more efficient use of your resources at a lower overall cost by utilizing qualified and cost-effective Service Partners, our clients may choose vendors with whom they have an existing relationship. By using our Service Partners you will achieve preferred pricing, priority response times and the highest quality of equipment repairs. In order to meet the full range of your maintenance needs, service providers often include in-house technical staff, independent service organizations and original equipment manufacturers.


  2. Vendors suggest that I will be placed on the bottom of their repair response list if I don’t hold a service contract. Will I still be able to get service?
    • While Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) may imply a necessity for longer response times for non-contract customers, this seldom proves to be the case. OEMs have a vested interest in keeping their equipment operating in a reliable manner. While vendors are required to respond to service contract customers as indicated by their contract terms and conditions, these guaranteed response times usually mean additional cost. Should service issues not be resolved, replacing the vendor is always an option. Our Technical Services staff can locate alternate vendors and part sources 24/7 through the MVP Service Partners network.


  3. How is The Maintenance Value Plan able to guarantee our maintenance and repair costs?
    • The Maintenance Value Plan groups the covered equipment into one budget for each client. By covering equipment from many clients in many industries, Maintenance Value Plan gains the benefit of spreading the maintenance risk across a wide equipment population.


  4. What repairs have to be approved in advance?
    • MVP does not require pre-approval but we do suggest you notify us whenever you expect a repair or replacement to exceed $10,000. In most cases, repair costs can be greatly reduced by researching parts sources, and in some cases, selecting an alternate vendor. The MVP technical support staff is available 24/7 to assist you with this process. Typically, you will receive your search results within an hour. In the case of an emergency situation, you may proceed with needed repairs and notify us as soon as practicable.


  5. Is preventive maintenance included in the Maintenance Value Plan program?
    • Yes, MVP provides coverage for repairs and preventive maintenance (PM) on covered equipment. PMs are scheduled according to manufacturer recommendations, the particular use of the equipment and other engineering guidelines. You are able to access your company’s Equipment Preventive Maintenance Schedule through our web-based reports. This schedule lists the specific PM frequency for each covered device and tracks all completed, due and overdue events.


  6. In what ways can the Maintenance Value Plan assist me in controlling my maintenance repair costs?
    • In addition, Maintenance Value Plan tracks all repairs in order to monitor their cost efficiency. We analyze this data in order to identify any charges exceeding the industry average, and provide this data to you. The Maintenance Value Plan also provides recommendations on replacing equipment due to increased failure rates or the inability to access service and parts support.


  7. Does MVP provide any services for my uncovered equipment?
    • Maintenance Value Plan can provide vendor payment, maintenance tracking and other performance monitoring for unscheduled equipment. These services are performed to the same standards as those for covered equipment. Cost varies according to the payment and reporting options selected and the number of devices serviced.


  8. What do I need to provide to Maintenance Value Plan in order to submit a claim?
    • Maintenance Value Plan requires a copy of one of the following:
      • A vendor Field Service Report AND a vendor Invoice
      • An in-house work order for a completed repair


  9. When do claims have to be submitted, and when does Maintenance Value Plan process the claim?
    • The Field Service Report must be submitted within 60 days of the repair or scheduled maintenance event. The invoice will need to be submitted within 90 days of the repair. The claim will be processed within one week of receipt date.


  10. What happens if claims exceed the total program cost?
    • The Maintenance Value Plan reimburses the client for all covered losses over their program costs according to the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement.


  11. What is not covered under the Maintenance Value Plan program?
    • Maintenance Value Plan excludes coverage that is provided by other policy types such as property and auto. Consumable items (i.e. paper, lamps, toner, drums etc.), software, equipment upgrades and obsolete items are not covered.


  12. How will the Maintenance Value Plan program be implemented at my company?
    • A team of Maintenance Value Plan professionals will work closely with your staff in order to understand your company’s organization and procedures. This team will provide training to your key staff and will optimize your policies and procedures to the needs of the organization.


  13. Are there any additional services available from the Maintenance Value Plan?
    • Maintenance Value Plan provides a wide array of consulting services that range from equipment replacement planning to comprehensive reviews of technical support services. Each service is presented as a proposal after the scope and goals of the engagement are defined.

“Our facility began using the Maintenance Value Plan (MVP) program a little more than a year ago and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. Initially I was concerned that the OEM service providers might not deliver the same level of service that we had under contract but that turned out not to be the case at all. If anything, service levels and response time increased because now they have to compete for my business! This program has allowed us to not only save money over traditional service contract models but has given us the flexibility to choose the vendor of our choice. Placing the decision of how our equipment is repaired back into our hands and not those of a vendor.”
Ed Pinckard, Medical Equipment Manager @ White River Health System